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LISK: Into Darkness

(America’s worst serial killer is on Long Island New York and the Police Don’t Want to Solve it Because They Did It – For Fun)

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There is really not much good you can say about a county where the Chief of Police does four years in Federal Prison for torturing and beating a defenseless young man who is addicted to drugs – one of the many in “affluent” Smithtown – a town in the County of Suffolk. The beating and torture took place in the Fourth Precinct located in Smithtown – the fighting fourth – about two miles from my home ... Hooah!

This is important: “Hooah” is a gung-ho patriotic positive affirmation used by the military; “a battle cry used by Soldiers in the U.S. Army” … or “HUA” ("Heard, understood, and acknowledged”)

Droves of police officers and detectives viewed the torture/beating. As it turned out the addicted young man – Christopher Loeb – swiped the Chief of Police’s duffel bag from the Chief’s unlocked SUV. The bag contained sex toys and unspeakably heinous porn … Hooah!

Witnesses say this unspeakable heinous porn included a snuff film. That is a film where a man has sex with a woman and then, in a sick twist – kills her while in the act of fornication. The man really kills her. This is not acted out. Porn actors cannot act. That is a fact.

According to a former Detective with the Suffolk County Police Department – now Suffolk County Legislator Robert Trotta – when a woman is murdered her sexual anatomy does exciting things. I don’t know anything about that, and I never really thought about it until I heard Trotta say it. I’m squeamish that way. From Trotta’s statement made in an installment on the Discovery Channel he knows these things because he witnessed other members of the Suffolk County Police Department watching such a film – allegedly for educational purposes – while on duty. Unless he did it himself or personally saw this depravity done – I will take Trotta at face value – I think, but too much detail.

These cops make hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. The Chief of Police – the infamous James Burke – who also resides in Smithtown had a long history of rough kinky sex with drug addicted prostitutes. Burke engaged in drug trafficking while on duty with one of the prostitutes. These prostitutes also swiped things from him too, like his service revolvers – all of which was known by higher ups. Yet his career skyrocketed. Burke came to the attention of Suffolk law enforcement as kid. He fingered some teenagers – some of his friends – that allegedly killed a 13-year-old boy in Smithtown … Hooah! The boy’s name is John Pius. The killers – whoever they were – stole a minibike. The “alleged” is because we really don’t know who did the killing. The Pius kid is dead. We just really don’t know who shoved the rocks down this poor kid’s throat. But the poor boy was definitely murdered. Burke swore it was the older teenagers because according to Burke they talked about it.

  • The defendant stands convicted of the crimes of murder in the second degree and manslaughter in the first degree as a result of his participation, along with three other youths, in the tragic and brutal killing of 13-year-old John Pius on April 20, 1979, in Smithtown, New York. [Hooah!] [In legal writing enclosing Hooah! in brackets “[]” indicates that the Judge did not write “Hooah!”] The evidence adduced at the trial established that the four youths killed Pius by beating him and shoving rocks down his throat in the belief that Pius had observed them in possession of a stolen motorbike.

People v. Brensic, 119 A.D.2d 281, 506 N.Y.S.2d 570 (2nd Dep’t. 1986)

That’s what Judge Mollen wrote – except for “Hooah!” – in one of the many never-ending Appeals. Judge Mollen was a judge in a mock trial during professional trial training when I worked for the City of New York. He marveled at how good I was. But very few cases go to trial. Most settle or plead out – guilt or innocence is never really that important. My talent has been horribly wasted.

People who know Burke talk about how the minibike ended up in Burke’s garage. But still and all Burke was the key witness that got the convictions from the Suffolk jury. The problem was that the convictions kept getting thrown out on appeal due to prosecutorial misconduct and the appeals courts hating Burke’s credibility. When the cases got thrown out the accused would invariably end up pleading guilty and doing minimal time rather than going through another trial and possibly facing life.

The prosecutor on the case was a man named Thomas Spota. He would be the District Attorney of the whole county one day.

Back to the beating perpetrated by Police Chief Burke; here is some live action: Burke bashed his fist into Loeb’s face as other cops held Loeb. Burke screamed death threats at Loeb, promising to give him a “hot shot.” A “hot shot” is a fatally powerful dose of heroin. Hooah! The use of the term by Burke implies that a "hot shot" is something that Burke has either done before or seen done before. [Like snuff films] When Loeb shot back that Burke was a pervert because Burke kept heinous porn and sex toys in his vehicle – things inserted in a man’s ass during sex (sex is becoming complicated) – the police chief’s attack got more frenzied. A detective from amongst the throngs that were watching and/or holding Loeb had to pull Burke off.

Anyway – “Boss that’s enough, that’s enough,” the detective yelled. Moments earlier these same cops were taunting Loeb by telling him that they were going to rape his mother. Burke is not a strong physically capable man. Neither is Loeb – especially Loeb. Burke had help. Suffolk County Police Officers are famous for both taking and selling steroids.

Loeb settled his civil rights case with Suffolk County for 1.5 million taxpayer dollars. His lawyer got $500,000 and Loeb got a cool million. See how the math worked out. And so on.

Loeb bought expensive cars and drugs –and all kinds of moronic things – and so on and so forth; and burned through that million in months.

Months later Chris Loeb had another encounter with police that caused him to panic and drive off in one of his expensive vehicles like a drug addict that suffered from PTSD. Loeb drove his big SUV up on some front lawns to get away from the cops. That’s sacrilegious in Suffolk – messing up someone’s front lawn. During the chase Loeb wrecked that new expensive SUV – a gas guzzler anyway. Loeb ran from the crashed vehicle and utilizing his immense intelligence hid in a little patch of trees that was right next to the road where he crashed.

The Suffolk County Police pulled up to the crash scene, saw the patch of trees and said “hmmmm.” They weren’t going to take any chances with this diminutive strung out drug addict no matter how many gallons of steroids they injected into their asses.

Despite their nine millimeters and their shotguns the police waited for reinforcements as Loeb – ever the wily one – hid in the patch of trees. “If I can’t see them, they can’t see me” Loeb thought. Reinforcements came in the form of the canine unit. Now it was time for some fun.

The canine unit turned their huge attack dog lose on Loeb. The dog mangled Loeb far worse than Burke did. All the while the Suffolk County Police were shouting orders to the German Shepherd – in German – as it tore Loeb’s calf into two pieces. Hooah!

That warm cuddly German Shepherd stripped that calf right off the bone. I know. I saw it. Loeb now has a permanent limp and walks like an old man.

The cops finally pulled the dog off after the comedy died down. Then the cops beat Loeb to make sure to really neutralize the threat from this unarmed punk.

By the way, the dog never spent one minute in Germany nor did it have a German trainer. Speaking to it in German was just the NAZI thing to do.

Meanwhile, Suffolk taxpayers fork over an additional $145,485.00 a year – on top of the 1.5- million-dollar settlement to Loeb – to Burke … to pay Burke’s pension. That’s not in italics. That’s a fact. Suffolk County law enforcement is the gift that always keeps taking from Suffolk County taxpayers who are stupid enough to give it. “Back the blue” they say in Suf-Fuck.

If all the above isn’t bad enough the County’s District Attorney – the Thomas Spota – was convicted in Federal Court for covering up Burke’s precinct house torture/beating of Loeb; and covering up the cover up of the torture/beating of Loeb; in a case that District Attorney Spota should have prosecuted. Suffolk voters gave this man four bipartisan terms – Republicans and Democrats cross endorsed him. Double Hooah!

Anyway, Spota finally – after years – reported to prison a federal prison in Danbury Connecticut on December 11, 2021. At his sentencing he told the Court: “I hope I don’t die alone in prison.” I don’t think so Tommy. You’ll have plenty of friends but don’t worry you’re too ugly to rape. I know a man that was put in the same prison by Chevron – the oil company – and some corrupt Federalist Society Judges. (Much of the federal judiciary is now corrupt Federalist Society Judges as a legacy of the orange, fat, pervert, and former president) Steven Donziger is this poor lawyer’s name. He was imprisoned because he won 9.5 billion dollars in a lawsuit for indigenous people in Ecuador. Chevron gave them cancer by literally just dumping 16 billion gallons of carcinogenic chemicals into their Amazon basin drinking water. Many died. Chevron blamed it on a poor health system although there were no carcinogenic substances in the Amazon before Chevron put them there.

It wasn’t really a big judgment when you think about it. It comes to just 59 cents per gallon of deadly carcinogenic chemical. Each gallon probably killed thousands of fish, hundreds of aquatic mammals like the rare Pink Dolphin and dozens of land-based mammals; and at least 10 humans per gallon – if there were that many people there.

In any event Chevron was upset. So, first Chevron paid an entire district courthouse and federal circuit to throw out the Ecuadorian judgment. Then they got the same court system to lock Donziger up. The United Nations said it was an atrocious “Arbitrary Detention” – bad countries like China do that. Oh well – This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven.

But that’s another book called The Genocide Judges where I demonstrate how evil federal judges are.

I want to thank the American band The Pixies for the immortal chorus to their song – Monkey Gone To Heaven. I am referring to the line “This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven” which describes the fervent hope that we all have, that when we die, we will all go to heaven.

  • There was a guy
  • An underwater guy who controlled the sea
  • Got killed by ten million pounds of sludge from New York and New Jersey
  • This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven
  • If man is five …
  • Then the devil is six …
  • And if the devil is six …
  • Then God is seven …
  • This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven

[Monkey Gone to Heaven lyrics © Rice And Beans Music]

Anyway, Donziger observed that the prison was very crowded. So did the Bureau of Prisons. In fact, the prison was so crowded and Covid was so bad that the Bureau of Prisons said, “the hell with Chevron … Donziger you serve your sentence in your little apartment in Manhattan.” Donziger spent almost a thousand days locked up in his Manhattan apartment for winning a case against Federalist society sponsor Chevron. So it goes.

On the bright side the loss of the whole affair really increased Donziger’s presence on social media. True that … Donziger lost his freedom. The Indigenous people lost the billions of dollars that was going to be spent on cleaning their water … they are still suffering and dying from cancer. Chevron is going after Donziger for millions in corrupt legal fees. And Donziger lost his law license. But his followers on Instagram and Twitter went way, way, way, up. I know that because Donziger tweeted, instagramed and facebooked that bit of information.

Hot off the presses. Today: June 3, 2022, Steven Donziger made Rolling Stone magazine.

In a fit of irony Donziger now writes a column called “Donziger on Justice” for an online publication called “Substack.” I don’t think the man has any comprehension of what justice is

To make matters worse … how does it get worse … the Chief of Police – the Burke – is a suspect in a string of serial sex killings of sex workers. These killings have strewn a section of prime Suffolk County beach land with rotting bodies and body parts hanging from bushes and low-lying trees. According to Loeb the snuff film that he found on Burke “starred” one of the 15 girls that went missing. She was filmed having sex and then snuffed. Killed. So that her sex organ could react just like former police officer, detective and current Suffolk County Legislator Robert Trotta will tell you. (We talked about that) A big fat Hooah!

Amber Lynn Costello is the poor deceased girl’s name.

Amber Lynn’s body was found where it was dumped – in the costal marsh surrounding the homes of the quaint exclusive beach town of Gilgo Beach – in Suffolk.

Amber Lynn was found by accident while police were looking for another poor young woman. The other young woman’s name was poor Shannon Gilbert.

One night, May 1, 2010 – it was very late – Ms. Gilbert called the police from the home of Oak Beach – right next to Gilgo Beach – resident Joseph Brewer. Brewer was Ms. Gilbert’s “date” for that evening. He’s what they call a “John” – as opposed to his real first name “Joe.” A John is one who illegally purchases the services of sex workers. That’s illegal in America. You can buy the courts but not hookers. A driver named Michael Pak brought Shannon to Oak Beach from Jersey. It was all arranged. It’s funny that way.

Gilbert called 911 from inside Brewer’s house. She was in great distress. Scared out of her wits. She pleaded with the 911 operator to get the police to her because some men in the house were going to kill her. The problem was that she didn’t know exactly where the house was because she was driven there, although she was pretty close in her description. But not close enough. The 911 dispatcher was no help and they are usually very difficult. I know from experience having listened to hundreds of such calls in my days as a government lawyer. The 911 operator told the frantic Shannon that her call could not be traced to find her location because she was using a cell phone. But I was finding people’s locations way back in 2003 using cell phones. They “ping” the nearest cell phone tower. The dispatchers just don’t care.

Shannon ended up fleeing from Brewer’s house. She knocked on the doors of nearby homes situated in the dunes. The people in those homes called 911. These people were no help. One woman told the 911 dispatcher that she would not let this petite young woman – Gilbert – into her home. Oak Beach is exclusive after all. Residents use their “Oak Beach App” to open the security gate. There you go by the way -- the operators/dispatchers knew exactly where Shannon was based upon the calls of the Oak Beach residents.

Gilbert somehow ended up at the home of a retired surgeon that had been affiliated with Suffolk Police. His name was Dr. Peter Hacket. He entered the picture because he called Gilbert’s mother after she went missing and said some weird stuff about running a home for wayward girls. He said that he saw and ministered to Shannon that night. But Shannon was gone. Now Hacket is gone. He left the state after being allegedly cleared by Suffolk police. He’s a strange and eccentric man.

Speaking of the police they never got there in time to do anything. Oh well. This monkey’s gone to heaven.

The Police eventually – after many months – found Shannon’s naked body in a marsh. Homicide detectives ruled the death accidental. They claim in a fit of psychosis and possibly drug induced paranoia Shannon Gilbert ran into the marsh to escape only the hallucination of killers. But what woman runs away from a sex killer and strips her clothes off as she runs. Kind of like running away from Ted Bundy and Jack the Ripper as you taunt them by taking off your clothes … Stupid. And why was Shannon’s neck broken. And people don’t drown on their backs – she was found on her back.

And why was she found so close to 15 other dead “sex workers” including one male transsexual sex worker and a toddler (#16) – the child of a “sex worker.” Hooah!

Just coincidence Suffolk County Police say. The highest paid cops in the nation.

It looks like Shannon Gilbert may have unwittingly walked onto the set of another one of Burke and Trotta’s snuff films. But we’ll never know. The Suffolk County Police Department did a great job of covering it all up. Hacket and Brewer both left the State. Pak is nowhere to be found.

Anyway … thing is … we will see with serial killers … that the killer almost always is someone that the cops had in their grasp and then let go; only to find them again many bodies later. Like Ted Bundy; and John Wayne Gacey; and Jeffrey Dahmer; etc. and so on, Peter Hacket, Joseph Brewer; Burke etc. and so on and on and on. I am going to demonstrate all of this.

Meanwhile the former Police Commissioner and District Attorney squabbled about whether there even was a serial killer. Like I said so far at least 17 victims have been identified in total: 15 female sex workers; a male sex worker dressed as a female; and a slain female sex worker's child – they positively matched the toddler to one of the females using forensic science – this is not just a logical hypothesis.

Despite all of the above District Attorney Thomas Spota had this to say:

  • It is clear that the area in and around Gilgo Beach has been used to discard human remains for some period of time. As distasteful and disturbing as that is, there is no evidence that all of these remains are the work of a single killer."

Was Spota saying that civic minded killers were properly discarding human remains in a convenient out of the way place so as not to inconvenience anyone? I have no idea.

Well, they were all sex workers except the toddler. Many advertised on Craig’s List. They were all found in the same place. And on and on we can go. I just got started. Seems like they have a lot in common which probably means they had a common killer or group of killers.

You know some of them were dismembered with surgical precision. This makes me think about Dr. Peter Hacket. Remember him. The surgeon affiliated with the Suffolk police that made that strange call to poor Shannon Gilbert’s mother.

And yet the bodies of others were found in burlap bags. These were just like the burlap bags used by the porn producer who sold his Oak Beach home to a high placed Suffolk political figure. This porn producer was pulled over with tons of illegal drugs in burlap bags.

District Attorney Spota did much to protect the identity of the killer. Spota and Burke literally kicked the federal government off the investigation. That’s the FBI, its profilers and first-rate forensic teams. They were kicked off just as the investigation of the murders was making progress. The progress included a theory created by the top profilers – made famous in movies and television shows – that the killings were probably committed by someone who worked in law enforcement. But Suffolk County law enforcement simply stopped working with the “Feds” – this included the sharing of information.

Right now, the Gilgo Beach serial killer case is the worst unsolved crime in the nation.

What people don’t know is that when they executed a search warrant on Burke’s office as part of the Loeb torture case investigation, they found Gilgo Beach crime scene photos. Specifically, photos of the dead girls’ bodies. Burke was absolutely not working on the case so he had no reason to have the pictures. But serial killers love to visit the places where they committed their crimes or keep mementos. Just watch Dexter.

For sex killers the mementos relive the excitement of the killing. That’s a nice way of saying that Burke jerked off to the pictures of the dead bodies.

Also, people don’t know that Burke used to love to beat hookers. In fact, he beat a hooker so bad in Brooklyn that the police arrested him. Spota had to drive out to Brooklyn to set that right. And there is plenty more where that came from. Hooah! Hooah!

A bunch of Suffolk Cops once piled up on an unarmed white man with a huge shield and crushed/suffocated him to death at the First Precinct in Huntington – the fighting First. He wasn’t a danger because he was already in the precinct jail cell. They didn’t give him his manic depression medicine so he freaked. He was in the cell all by his lonesome. He couldn’t hurt anyone. You can’t cold turkey anti-depressants. Anybody would get bad withdrawal symptoms. Earlier his wife attempted to drop the meds off but the police wouldn’t take them. “We got it covered lady” they said. The white man was in jail for having a verbal altercation with his white neighbor. That argument cost him his life. White on white crime is a bitch. This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven.

I wish I got that lawsuit too.

District Attorney Spota and Chief Burke also eliminated the Eastern District – a.k.a. – “Feds” from the active gang task force because they did not want them near the corruption; beatings; illegal wiretaps; politically motivated false arrests and malicious prosecutions; mayhem and murder – mostly committed by the police – that we are going to talk about. As a result, MS-13 exploded in Suffolk County and the bodies of Hispanic teens were spread across the less “affluent” parts of the County … Hooah!

All of the victims were good kids working to have a future. No one really cared except their loved ones. This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven.

I had a white client once who was wheelchair bound. Older guy. The Suf-Folk cops hit him with a taser full force because he refused to wheel his way out of an area, they wanted cleared. These cops are Progressive to the max. White. Disabled. You will be treated just like we treat black people is their moto. And another Hooah!

My web page designer and people that optimize it urged me to put key words in my BLOG post to drive Google traffic. So please bear with me: ASSET PROTECTION. CRIMINAL LAWYER (that means I represent people accused of crimes – not that I myself or my clients are criminals), SPEEDY JUSTICE. Etc. and so on.

Now back to Spota …

This is the same District Attorney – Spota – that was friends with a horror show of a man that owned a nursing home service. In March 2007, Spota indicted ten nurses and their immigration attorney after the nurses quit their jobs at Avalon Gardens Rehabilitation and Health Care Center in Smithtown – again Smithtown; my town is hell. The nurses were Filipino immigrants that were recruited by the nursing home company SentosaCare of Woodmere. They resigned together in April of 2006, because of bad working conditions and disputes over salary and benefits. Did it really matter? I thought in the United States you could just quit your job if you wanted.

SentosaCare officials met with Spota – their friend – the next month. The nurses’ right to quit – can you imagine “quitting a job” must be declared a right – had earlier been approved by the State Education Department. That is the agency tasked with regulating health care providers. I have no idea why the State had to approve “I quit” – but the nurses covered all their bases.

Nevertheless, the nurses were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of the nursing home’s clients. The immigration attorney, who advised the nurses of their right to resign – did they really need a lawyer to tell them they could quit their job? – was also charged with criminal solicitation. These were the first such charges in the state, and they sparked an outcry from groups in the Philippines and in New York.

After lengthy proceedings the case reached the state's Appellate Division. The Appellate Division declared that the criminal proceedings were unconstitutional because they violated the nurses' rights to be free from slavery.

Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost proving the same point over a century earlier in the Civil War. We have a Constitutional Amendment that is over a century old that says that slavery is illegal.

But according to DA Spota and the voters who supported him slavery was legal in Suffolk County. If those nurses were white, they would have still been arrested. Suffolk is very Progressive – did I say that already?

I talked to a witness in a case that had much to tell about a unrelated case that made headlines. The case was a staple on true crime television shows and news shows the world over. The case of Martin Tankleff.

I spoke with a man named Joseph “Joey” “Guns” Creedon. Creedon is from that drop of sleaze known as Selden. Trailer Park trash with Long Island accents.

Before I spoke to Creedon he made numerous admissions to witnesses that testified in hearings seeking to exonerate Martin Tankleff for the murder of his millionaire parents Seymour and Arlene Tankleff. They lived in Belle Terre. Belle Terre really is affluent. In Belle Terre the people can afford yachts and their mortgages. In Smithtown if they lose their job, they default on their mortgage the following week.

Creedon told multiple people including his girlfriend and their son that he bludgeoned Seymour and Arlene Tankleff – an older rich couple – in their home on that fateful night. It was a ghastly murder scene. A good old-fashioned bludgeoning isn’t pretty. This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven.

The murders occurred when Marty Tankleff was a teenager decades ago.

Creedon had boasted for decades to many people – including some I talked to – about being the actual killer. Creedon admitted to the killings even as he burned his blood-stained clothes in the first couple of hours after the murders. Creedon’s accomplices also admitted to their roles in the murders and fingered Creedon and another accomplice as the actual killers. The snitch accomplices were just lookouts and a getaway driver, etc., in this complex bludgeoning where Creedon was the star. Remember with Joey Guns there is only an “I” and no “T-E-A-M."

Meanwhile a young man turned much older languished in prison for 17 years for a crime that he did not commit. He was framed by Suffolk Law Enforcement for money. He was kept in prison by District Attorney Spota because Spota had represented the Suffolk County detective – K. James McCready – that framed Martin Tankleff. Spota had also represented the drug dealing father and son duo that hired Creedon and his accomplices to kill Seymour and Arlene Tankleff – that would be Jerry Steuerman and his son Todd Steuerman.

The Steuermans were big in bagels and drugs – selling the drugs out of their bagel shops. Seymour Tankleff was an investor in that bagel business. When he found out about the drug dealing, he informed the Steuermans that he was pulling his money out. So, Seymour and Arlene Tankleff had to go.

Jerry and Todd also hired their friend and fellow Spota client, the aforementioned Suffolk Police Det. K. James McCready to frame Martin Tankleff.

Spota’s law partner Gerard Sullivan was a former Suffolk County prosecutor made famous for prosecuting the killer immortalized in the movie The Amityville Horror. Sullivan received his fatal dose of cocaine from the Steuermans. I guess that would be a "hot snort."

By the way, the Amityville Horror case was really an easy case to prosecute – shooting fish in a barrel. On November 13, 1974, Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed six members of his family at 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house in the town of Amityville on the south shore of Suffolk County – not far from Gilgo Beach.

Big Hooah! for that one DeFeo.

DeFeo confessed to the killings. His defense was the devil made him do it. A sanitation worker could have prosecuted and won that case. Predictably, DeFeo was convicted of second-degree murder in November 1975 and sentenced to six sentences of 25 years to life in prison. He himself died in 2021 while incarcerated. This monkey’s gone to heaven.

The fact that his former law partner – the Clarence Darrow of prosecutors – died of a Steuerman purchased overdose does not say much about Spota’s private law practice and what the Steuermans might have had on Spota the drug abuser and alcoholic. Crime is taxing.

When I spoke with Selden’s own Joey Guns Creedon it was about another case. Yet the ghosts of Tankleff lingered like an 800-pound gorilla. Joey Guns despite warnings from his attorney had to talk. He loved to brag about the killing. About his many admissions that he murdered the Tankleffs, Joey Guns Creedon discussed a visit by a Suffolk County Detective who is now an elected government official – that would be snuff film connoisseur Robert Trotta.

Creedon told me that than Detective Trotta and other members of the Suffolk County Police Force came to see Creedon in Creedon’s driveway where this killer lived with his mother. (Creedon collected an SSI pension for his disability which disability – I kid you not – was being stupid)

The cops beat the shit out of Joey Guns right there in his momma’s driveway. During the beating Creedon was told by Trotta to keep his mouth shut about the Tankleff killings – to stop claiming that he killed the Tankleffs for the Steuermans – or Creedon would face a far more violent consequence ... his death. Spota ordered the beating and at the time Trotta was big with Spota.

Creedon did not like the beating. It was insulting and it hurt. You see Creedon really was a wimp. He was more stupid than Loeb too. But Creedon was good at beating up on his girlfriend and bludgeoning old people. He never wanted to fight anyone who could make a proper fist. He should have been a cop.

Creedon took it in stride:

  • with that thing they threw in the big guns right away to come talk to Joey Guns Creedon ... you know what I mean ... I want to keep a low profile. I am almost 50 now.

Creedon then once again admitted to the killing.

  • When Joey Guns Creedon says he killed somebody … Joey Guns don’t lie.

Bit of a diction problem and he referred to himself in the third person, but I got the drift. I almost forgot ... Hooah!

About detective Trotta Creedon finished by stating:

  • Joey Guns can give you a lot [on Detective Trotta]. That guy did a lot of bad things. He kicked down a lot of doors without a warrant and searched through things. I don't want to talk too much in the open.

Indeed, Trotta did “a lot of dreadful things.”

Creedon liked me. He said:

  • I appreciated how you showed Joey Gun’s mother respect.

He also said:

  • Guns heard about you. You were the baddest bouncer around … back like in the 80s … 90s.

I felt good about the compliment. Bouncing is the only thing I ever did half good.

Anyway, Creedon’s partner in crime – not a look out – but a fellow bludgeoner had this to say to a witness that I questioned. The fellow bludgeoner had a name. It was Peter Kent. Kent was in jail with the witness. Kent was in jail for beating up his girlfriend who was and still is a hooker.

Kent said:

  • She’s so fucking stupid. She knows I killed the Tankleffs. She has to know I’ll kill her


I hope you enjoy the film.